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LIDAR Uses for Law Enforcement

Last week I was walking my dog in my Germantown neighborhood and heard about a dozen shots fired from a high-powered assault rifle in the direction of Germantown Presbyterian Church. The shooting took place mere feet away from two preschools and Germantown High during dismissal. The suspect was quickly apprehended, and no one was hurt. I am grateful to the Germantown Police for responding to the incident seconds after it happened, likely preventing a tragedy.

Cinilope is actively working on technology to aid law enforcement with 3D volumetric scans of crime scenes and accident sites. These scans can help investigators and prosecutors determine key pieces of evidence such as bullet trajectories and car collisions with complete physical accuracy. Below are several point clouds scans that I took of the area of Arthur Road where the shooting took place. This will serve as an excellent case study to guide our software development for incident mapping. It is encouraging to see law enforcement agencies around the world adopting similar technology to enhance their mission of keeping people safe. I hope to use the data gathered from this shooting to create better tech for the deterrence, investigation, and prosecution of crimes in the Mid-south. 

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