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Cinilope Uses Modern Tech to Preserve History with LSP

It is our honor to announce Cinilope is partnering with CodeCrew and the The Lynching Sites Project of Memphis to create drone photogrammetry digital twins of lynching sites around the Mid-South. In collaboration with local historians, we have undertaken the task of scanning the crime scenes of racial violence occurring throughout Shelby County’s brutal past. Our interactive models will help tell the true stories of those falsely accused such as Ell Persons, those deliberately erased like Jessie Lee Bond, and those who gave their lives fighting hate, like Thomas Moss. By utilizing the same 3D scanning technology that is used to recreate and solve modern crimes, we are now dedicating our XR tech to educating the next generation about the tragic history of lynchings in Memphis, and to inspire change through empathy. Be sure to check out the Agumented Reality App featuring our scans geolocated to their LSP marker to be released later this year.

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