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Solutions for our  Partners

At Cinilope we believe that your company’s cutting edge technology requirements  can be met with the right team and solutions   

Applications from Manufacturing to Marketing 

Cinilope Solutions Tech is used by teams from Silicon Valley and beyond  to aid in the manufacturing, development, and innovation of robotic technology  and more


Our team is ready and able to meet your needs in the development of high fidelity engineering applications for enterprise and beyond

Case Study Dextrous Robotics 


 AI computer vision data generation for logistics robots and beyond 

Cinilope is a leader in the XR robotics technology space, specializing in the development of high-quality solutions for autonomous robots. We strive to create cutting-edge solutions that will be the foundation of the future of robotics and automation. Our team is passionate about driving innovation in the industry and helping our customers achieve their goals. We have developed a platform to power the next generation of perception-based machine-learning tools for Dextrous Robotics! Dextrous is one of the most innovative startups in Memphis, and its DX-1 robots will soon change the game of logistics. We are excited to have worked with this fantastic team and its cutting-edge technology.

Case Study 


 Cinilope partnered with CodeCrew and The Lynching Sites Project of Memphis to create drone photogrammetry digital twins of lynching sites around the Mid-South In collaboration with local historians, we have scanned the crime scenes of racial violence occurring throughout Shelby County’s brutal past. Our interactive models help tell the true stories of those falsely accused such as Ell Persons, deliberately erased like Jessie Lee Bond, and those who gave their lives fighting hate, like Thomas Moss. By utilizing the same 3D scanning technology that is used to recreate and solve modern crimes, we are now dedicating our XR tech to educating the next generation about the tragic history of lynchings in Memphis, and inspiring change through empathy

Ell Persons Lynching Site 1917


People Groceries Site 1892

Jessie Lee Bond Lynching Site 1940

FLY and Scan Anywhere

Cinilope's Part 107 certified Drone Pilots have empowered clients all over the world to gather 3D spatial data for countless operations and applications ranging from logistics and education  to safety and agriculture 

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