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Ethan and Szymon Duda discuss the Solidarity Movement in Poland

(Soon to be Dr.) Szymon Duda and I are excited to announce that we will be hosting a "Teach-In" on nonviolence in the face of communist oppression and censorship worldwide. Join us as we share our families' stories about their involvement in the Solidarity Movement in Communist Poland. Learn how a few brave people changed the world by simply speaking the truth undermining a regime built on lies. These civil rights leaders risked everything to ensure that millions could enjoy the freedoms often taken for granted in the West, freedoms that are still denied to many in the East.

All are welcome to attend this insightful event where we will discuss important topics surrounding nonviolent responses to censorship and how the legacy of anti-communism affects us today. Food and drinks will be provided for all attendees.

Save the date and join us for an evening of learning and reflection.


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