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Crosstown Graduates Class of 2022

My first group of students just graduated!

In a cowork space during spring of 2016, I began the adventure of a lifetime, helping found Crosstown High. Being on a team starting a high school while being in high school myself was best investment I could have made. Throughout college I had the opportunity to mentor these amazing students for 4 wonderful years. Together we tackled social inequality, self/drunk driving, quantum mechanics, machine learning, blockchains, Metaverse, and of course coding the multiplayer homework simulator SchoolNite.

My graduating students have the skills to be unstoppable during their post secondary journeys. I am especially proud of my learners who will be attending Rhodes College the fall. I even have a day scholar to pass the baton to. Everything I predicted about these Students in my TEDx talk has come true.

Who knew my decision to attend a community event my sophomore year of high school would would have such a profound impact? I am so glad that we all get to be graduates in the class of 22!

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